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FL BABE is committed to helping nonprofit organizations that focus on conserving and protecting Florida's beaches, coasts, and wildlife.


Our dedication comes to life through an ongoing initiative that's close to our hearts. For every purchase you make, we donate 5% to the following nonprofits on a bi-monthly basis.


These contributions play a vital role in enabling these organizations to carry out their essential work. From rescuing sea turtles, to educating the public on environmental issues and actively participating in conservation projects, together we're making a significant impact.


But none of this would be possible without your support. Now, let's take a moment to get acquainted with the four nonprofits that drive these positive changes in Florida!

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Beaches Sea Turtle Patrol (BSTP) is a nonprofit organization that works to protect and conserve sea turtles in Northeast Florida. They document strandings, transport debilitated turtles to rehab facilities, conduct nesting surveys, and safeguard marine sea turtles. With a permit from the Florida Wildlife Commission, BSTP is dedicated to making a positive impact on the world of sea turtle conservation.




The Choctawhatchee Basin Alliance is dedicated to promoting swimmable, fishable waterways in the community through monitoring, education, restoration, and research. Their mission is rooted in the belief that healthy waterways are essential to our economic identity and a thriving local economy.




Clean This Beach Up is dedicated to raising awareness about plastic pollution through weekly cleanups and educational programs. Their events bring together volunteers from Miami Dade and Broward County to clean beaches, waterways, and streets, aiming to preserve South Florida's fragile ecosystems.

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East Coast Biologists conducts research on sea turtles, artificial reefs, and nurse sharks off central Florida's east coast since 2003. They are permitted by NOAA Fisheries and Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission. Their mission is to preserve marine life through scientific research, rescue missions, and by educating the public.

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